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Logos Speech Therapy has Speech Therapists in NJ and NYC

Logos Speech Therapy LLC is a private Speech-Language Pathology clinic that provides comprehensive assessment and treatment services to children, adolescents and adults. Our experienced speech-language pathologists use a holistic approach to offer guidance, advice, screening, assessment, therapy, follow-up and support to clients and their caregivers. This approach is guaranteeing success in all our programs.

Our speech therapists work closely with family members, teachers, rehabilitation professionals, and doctors to better address our clients’ needs by using an interdisciplinary approach. 

We currently provide speech therapy in Jersey City and surrounding areas in New Jersey, including New York City, New York.

Mission Statement & Philosophy
We are fully committed to enhancing the speech and language communication skills, enabling our clients to notice significant improvement. This is especially true among children since mature speech and language enable them to achieve academic
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Speech Language Pathology Services
Pediatrics - Adolescence - Adults

success, hence open the world to them. Whereas any type of impairment in any of these areas may lead to reduced opportunities for the child. We assist children with delayed speech and language skills so they are better able to effectively communicate in time and thus choose their own academic path at an early age.

Our expertise provides us the ability to work with people of all ages facing varying degrees of delay or disorder in different areas within the field of speech-language pathology. We have designed programs that entail exceptionally personalized care to help individuals attain their full potential. If you have a loved one facing any speech-language impairment, we will offer unparalleled support throughout the program. 

We understand that every individual's speech-language impairment is different; therefore, we develop every program to address the specific needs of that individual. Our vast skills in the field of speech-language pathology enable us to offer valuable related services and techniques designed for every person in need for speech therapy in Jersey City, NJ and nearby locations.

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