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At Logos Speech Therapy LLC, we have been offering speech therapy services to people of all ages and in various settings in New Jersey and New York City, NY, making us a preferred service provider.

Free 15-20 Minute Screening!
A free screening session will determine whether there is need for a comprehensive evaluation.

Comprehensive Evaluation 60-90 Minutes
Involves administration of standardized tests and informal assessment procedures. This process is used to obtain important information regarding the client's condition, which helps to formulate individualized therapy goals. The speech-language pathologist will score each test, and then analyze the given information. A comprehensive evaluation report will be generated indicating the strengths, weaknesses, and individualized treatment objectives.
Speech Language Pathology Services
Pediatrics - Adolescence - Adults
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Therapy 60 Minutes
A variety of advanced techniques will be used to target the individualized therapy goals and objectives. Previously learned information or strategies will be reviewed during therapy sessions. Progress towards the treatment objectives will be closely monitored and skills will be re-assessed via informal assessments. Clients will be provided with relevant homework assignments to further enhance new skills.  

Follow-up 15-20 Minutes
A follow-up session six-months since the end of therapy services. It is provided to ensure proper generalization of new skills in order to rule-out need for further treatment.  

Assessment and Treatment of: 
  • Developmental Language Delays:
          - Early Intervention
          - Acquiring more than one languages
  • Language Based Learning Disabilities
  • Articulation & Phonological Processes 
  • Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders
  • Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Fluency Disorders / Stuttering
  • Voice Disorders
  • Dysphagia / Feeding & Swallowing Disorders
  • Acquired Neurological Disorders: 
          - Language based - Aphasia 
          - Speech based - Apraxia, Dyspraxia, Dysarthria

Additional Services
  • Accent Modification

For detailed information on accent modification, and each speech, language, communication, cognitive, voice, and swallowing disorder in children, adolescents and adults please visit the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

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